Abstract Submission

Present your work at ISLH 2024

Instructions for Oral Presenters

Speakers are required to check-in 24 hours prior to their session with their presentation on a USB at the Speaker Ready Room located in Room BC. The Speaker Resady Room will have computers for presenters to preview their presentations.

Speakers should arrive at the assigned session room at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the session to introduce themselves to the session chair.

PowerPoint presentations should be in 16:9 wide format.

Speaker Ready is located in Room BC and is open during the following hours:
Wednesday, May 29 - 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Thursday, May 30 – 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday, May 31 – 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday, June 1 – 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM