International Networking & Collaboration Program

ISLH is creating a program of targeted collaboration with specific organizations to facilitate cooperative efforts with the goal of enhancing international education in laboratory hematology. Each targeted relationship will lead to the creation of an “ISLH Partner” and will follow a systematic progression including:

  • ISLH delegation will first visit the target organization’s host conference and meet with the organization’s leadership. These initial meetings will be critical to gauge both the potential for cooperation as an ISLH Partner organization, as well as determine relevant topics for joint educational endeavors.
  • ISLH will host either a half- or whole-day session embedded in the partner’s annual conference to bring world leaders in a specific topic to the local conference. In addition, these speakers may also participate in interactive workshops, “meet the experts” sessions or Q&A panel sessions pending suitable local logistics.
  • The Partner organization will be invited to participate in the ISLH International Partner session(s) held at the ISLH annual conference, will be invited to nominate potential mentorship program participants and will have access to all of the ISLH’s educational resources.
  • Some or all of the above activities will continue indefinitely to ensure continued collaboration between the ISLH and the ISLH Partner organization.

Please contact us at [email protected] if your organization is interested in joining this program.