Program Planning Process

ISLH Meeting Planning

How was the ISLH 2016 meeting planned?

The 2016 meeting in Milano, Italy, was planned as a collaboration between ISLH and the Societa Italiana di Patologia Clinica e Medicine di Laboratorio (SIPMEL). The original meeting selection was voted on by the ISLH Board of Directors after consideration of several cities and partnering hematology organizations. An agreement was negotiated between ISLH and SIPMEL, including financial, administrative, and personnel matters. Meeting logistics are handled by SPLtrak.

For ISLH 2016, the Program Director (PD) is Tracy George. The meeting Co-Chairs are Albert Huisman on behalf of ISLH and Giuseppe d’Onofrio on behalf of SIPMEL. Abstract Co-chairs include George Chan (Chair), Anna Maria Cenci and John Frater. In 2015, members of the scientific committees were confirmed (see below); each scientific committee includes a chair and vice-chair with a membership term of 3 years.

The scientific committees were asked to submit nominations for speakers for the meeting, including plenary speakers and concurrent sessions in their area of expertise. It was recommended that speakers be experts in their respective field with excellent publications and that someone on the committee would have heard that person speak before. ICSH was also contacted to submit speakers for the ICSH concurrent session. Geographic locations of speakers were also considered as this meeting is in Milano. After speaker names were submitted, the Co-Chairs, Program Director, and Scientific Committee Chairs had conference calls to discuss speaker selection for all sessions. Members of the ISLH Executive Committee also participated in these meetings. Speakers were invited and confirmed. Session chairs were selected primarily from the Scientific Committees by the meeting Co-Chairs, Program Director, and Executive Committee. Some adjustments to the program were made after review by the Board of Directors at the December 2015 ISLH Board Meeting.

Committee Name
Hemostasis/Platelets Pierre Toulon (Chair)
Hemostasis/Platelets Robert Gosselin (Vice Chair)
Hemostasis/Platelets Sam Machin
Hemostasis/Platelets Cathy Hayward
Hemostasis/Platelets Steve Kitchen
Hemostasis/Platelets Sophie Testa (SIPMEL)
Cellular Analysis and Flow Cytometry Nydia Strachman Bacal (Chair)
Cellular Analysis and Flow Cytometry Tracy George (Vice Chair)
Cellular Analysis and Flow Cytometry Brent Wood
Cellular Analysis and Flow Cytometry Albert Huisman
Cellular Analysis and Flow Cytometry Marie Christine Bene
Cellular Analysis and Flow Cytometry Amar Das Gupta 
Cellular Analysis and Flow Cytometry Paolo Doretto (SIPMEL)
Anemias and Red Cell Disorders Giuseppe d’Onofrio (Chair)
Anemias and Red Cell Disorders Kees Harteveld (Vice Chair)
Anemias and Red Cell Disorders George Chan
Anemias and Red Cell Disorders Adnan Hasimi
Anemias and Red Cell Disorders James Hoyer
Anemias and Red Cell Disorders Mauro Buttarello (SIPMeL)
Quality and Standards Andrew McFarlane (Chair)
Quality and Standards Maria Proytcheva (Vice Chair)
Quality and Standards Kees Harteveld (ISLH Representative to ICSH)
Quality and Standards Jin-Yeong Han
Quality and Standards Richard Marlar
Quality and Standards Betsy Van Cott
Quality and Standards Margherita Morandini (SIPMEL)
Molecular analysis Imran Mirza (Chair)
Molecular analysis Wendy Erber (Vice Chair)
Molecular analysis John Waye
Molecular analysis Charles Eby
Molecular analysis Silvana Ungari (SIPMEL)
Molecular analysis Jim Zehnder
Molecular analysis Archana Agarwal
Education Sherrie L Perkins (Chair)
Education Karen Moffat
Education Deepak Kumar Mishra
Education Linda Sandhaus
Education Joyce Heesun Rogers
Education Kyle Bradley
Education Gina Zini (Vice Chair, SIPMeL)