Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation Information

All ISLH 2021 virtual meeting poster presentations will be in ePoster format. Poster authors will receive instructions for uploading a copy of their poster presentations.

Poster Presenters

  • Your virtual poster should be uploaded as either a PDF or JPG image (recommended), both which can be exported from PowerPoint. While there are no required poster dimensions for your poster, we suggest using the 4:3 standard PowerPoint slide format.
  • There is an option to also include an audio presentation to accompany your ePoster. The maximum presentation length is 5 minutes.
  • While there are a number of ways to record your optional video presentation, the simplest method is as an export from Powerpoint.
  • All video recordings are coordinated by the presenter. Instructions for recording your presentation can be found here using Powerpoint:
  • ePosters will allow attendees to zoom-in and pan around your poster, we recommend a high resolution file. Please be mindful of file size. Files larger than 2 MB
  • Presentations will not be available for download.
  • Presenters will have the ability to respond to online questions submitted by the attendees, and responses will be shared with the conference community.